Handyman DIY Service in London

Vello London engineers are handyman heroes when it comes to dealing with domestic DIY, repairs and jobs around the home that you’re not that comfortable with taking on yourself.

Stuck without fire or smoke alarms? Concerned about carbon monoxide (C0) poisoning but can’t find or don’t know how to fit a detector?

Ensure your household’s safety by installing essential safety monitors using Vello’s fast and efficient handyman services.

Do you need a professional & experienced handyman?

We supply and install fire and smoke alarms and carbon monoxide C0 detectors – an essential requirement for those wanting peace of mind throughout the day and night for their families.

Our skilled handymen are available to take on a whole range of household tasks, whether you’re looking for someone to assemble a flat pack wardrobe or to have shelves built for your home – we can offer a same day service if that’s what you need.

We’re the obvious choice for all kinds of tasks that need to be completed professionally but for which you don’t want to pay a fortune, whether that’s getting the bath resealed, retiling the kitchen or caulking the sink.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and versatile, as well as fantastically fast, so we can take whatever you throw at us! Why not challenge us to see if our DIY handyman service can sort out your unique household problem…

We charge £60 + VAT per hour for our handyman DIY service and will fit in as many jobs as we can into each hour of work.

Smoke alarms cost £15 each and carbon monoxide detectors cost £35 each and they can be fitted as part of an hourly visit, alongside any other work you have asked us to do. We will fit your own smoke alarms and CO sensors if you prefer, as long as they are not mains-connected, as this requires an electrician.

If you just have one item to fit, as an exception, we will come and sort this out for just £35 + VAT as it is a safety issue.

I need a flat-pack wardrobe assembled.

Whether you’re injured, time poor or just don’t want to spend time grappling with flat pack instructions, a Vello London DIY handyman can sort out all your furniture assembly needs. Plus, with all our useful experience, we’re fast too, so we cut down on assembly time considerably.

I’m worried about fumes & smoke when we’re asleep.

Who needs worries like this when it’s bedtime? It’s enough to keep you awake all night. Vello engineers carry around fire & smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors and can fit them there and then.

My bathroom is looking like it needs a facelift.

Vello handymen will give your bathroom an overhaul, from replacing mouldy bath sealant to installing a new shower curtain rail. Just tell us what you need and we’ll arrive with the right tools for the job and leave your bathroom looking like new.

I’ve bought a large mirror but I don’t know how to hang it.

If you’ve invested in a statement picture or something like an oversized mirror, the last thing you want is to hear it come crashing to the floor in the middle of the night. We will hang your items exactly where you want them and you won’t have to lift a finger.

My bookshelves are wonky.

We know that home DIY is not fun for everyone – plus, who has the time these days anyway? But there’s nothing more irritating than having to look at wonky shelves every day or – worse – seeing them collapse to the floor. Vello London will put up your bookshelves properly, ensuring they are straight and secure.

Smoke & fire alarms and carbon monoxide CO detectors.

There’s nothing that beats peace of mind when you are fast asleep. Protect yourself and your family without spending a fortune with a smoke alarm and a C0 monitor.


Vello handymen can make anything – you don’t need to provide us with any tools, as we bring everything with us and we’ve been assembling furniture for years now.

We can normally put things up even if you’ve lost the instructions so it makes sense for us to do it, especially if you don’t want to spend money buying tools you won’t use again…

and fitting.

Badly hung pictures or mirrors are some of the biggest causes of superficial wall damage – which can be hellish to try and correct, whether you’re a tenant with a security deposit at stake or a home owner looking to keep your property in good nick.

Let us handle the hanging and fitting for you and you can rely on straight lines, perfect placement and quick work every time.

Refreshing and renewing.

If you don’t have time to give your property the attention it needs to keep it feeling fresh then Vello handymen are the ideal choice.

It’s amazing the difference it can make to replace old, black bath sealant, or to have your windows or external doors sealed against draughts. Make your home a more pleasant environment with Vello London’s DIY handyman services.





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