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Non-flushing toilet kicking up a stink? Leaking pipes driving you to despair? Fear not! Vello’s plumbers will arrive in no time at all to sort out all your plumbing woes.

Having a plumbing problem can be a real drag.

When it comes to your home, plumbing problems need to be fixed and fast.

We charge £60 + VAT per hour for a plumber – that’s about 33% cheaper than most Central London plumber charge. Even our emergency rate (£90 + VAT per hour) is less than the competition’s normal rates!

Water can do a lot of damage to carpets, wallpaper, wooden flooring and so on – and that’s before you even factor in the inconvenience of leaking pipes, a sink that won’t drain, a blocked up bath, or a toilet that doesn’t flush. That’s why Vello London provides CIPHE plumbers who are not just highly experienced and skilled at what they do, but are also available at short notice to get to you quickly.

CIPHE Registered

We are confident that we can deal with 80% of plumbing problems within the hour.

Our engineers arrive on environmental friendly, speedy Brompton bikes, carrying everything with them that they need for essential repairs.

We don’t expect our customers to wait around while we deal with traffic jams or seek out parking spaces, which is why we have opted for the most efficient and straightforward method of transport.

And it’s green too!

All of our plumbers in London are CIPHE qualified

When your Vello engineer has fixed the problem, we will leave you with a full written assessment so that you have a future record to refer back to, should you need it. If we need to come back and replace any broken parts, we will write out a formal quote for you to consider.

Vello doesn’t just offer great service but great peace of mind too – all our work (and parts) comes with a one year warranty and all our plumbers are CIPHE qualified. So, whether your kitchen sink has sprung a leak, your shower isn’t working, or your bathroom taps are malfunctioning, leave it to Vello to put the problem right.

CIPHE Registered

I need to install a dishwasher.

Vello’s plumbing service isn’t just limited to repairs, maintenance or emergencies. We can also install anything that needs to be plumbed in, such as a washing machine or a dishwasher.

With low rates, fast service and a one year warranty on our work, we’ll get your appliances up and running without delay.

I think I’ve got a burst pipe, help!

Our plumbers are available across Zones 1 and 2 of London to help out in a whole range of emergencies, including dealing with burst pipes. We know that we need to act fast to minimise the damage that can result from a burst pipe, so we’ll get to you as quickly as possible. We will also give you some good advice on how to minimise the chances of it happening again.

The toilet won’t flush. What should I do?

Most of us ignore our household plumbing until there is a malfunction, but something like a toilet that won’t flush can present serious difficulties for any household, especially a busy one.

Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. We carry all our tools with us, so that we can get to work straight away and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Appliance and fittings installation.

The Vello service includes efficient installation of any goods that need to be plumbed in, such as a washing machine or a dishwasher – as well as fittings including bathroom and kitchen taps and power shower units.

Our experienced team of plumbers can handle any type of plumbing installation in just about any environment and we won’t waste your time or money while we’re doing it.

Plumbing problem diagnosis.

Domestic plumbing problems can be complex and mistakes can be costly. We’ve all heard the horror stories of people attempting to fix their own plumbing, only to end up with a flooded home.

It’s really not worth the risk with a service as low cost and fast as Vello London – try us out next time and see for yourself.


As well as being complex, your domestic plumbing is a pretty delicate operation and, especially if the property is old, repairs need to be handled carefully.

An experienced and skilled Vello engineer will ensure that you get swift repairs when you need them without any unnecessary delays.

Plumbing emergencies.

One of the biggest dangers with a plumbing emergency is the amount of damage that can be created by something like a burst pipe.

We understand this at Vello and we factor it into our service so that, when you contact us for a quick response, you will always get one.
We charge £90 + VAT per hour for emergencies.

One year warranty | Gas Safe registered engineers | Fast and efficient fault diagnosis | Emergency response





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