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Why Do Boilers Break Down? No rating results yet

by admin on August 21, 2014 , No comments

Modern boilers are in general very reliable things, capable of quietly going about their business discretely and efficiently for many years. But they are also complex, engineered products and deserving of some care and attention.

Like a car, boilers should be serviced every year to ensure everything is as it should be. Not only will this allow any issues to be pre-empted, saving the heartache and inconvenience a breakdown can inevitably lead too,but a correctly operating boiler is an efficient boiler too, saving money off energy bills. And if your boiler is still under guarantee, an annual service is usually part of the terms and conditions.

Age is a common reason for a boiler to breakdown; quite simply, it’s reaching the end of its useful life. If your boiler is more than 10 years old, it therefore might be time to upgrade to a new model. A modern high efficiency boiler, as well as being more reliable and quieter in operation, can shave as much as 30% off your gas bills.

Many breakdowns are caused by something within the system itself (i.e. the pipes and radiators connected to the boiler), usually dirt or air. Air can stop the water within the system from circulating properly, while dirt can foul parts within the boiler itself. For this reason, manufacturers always recommend a central heating system is flushed before fitting a new boiler, and a filter is then fitted to protect the boiler from any dirt that might then build up within the system over time.

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